Leila Benedicte Habiche (France, 1961) is a sculptor and designer. Married, two daughters, she works and lives in the Principality of Monaco, but she also has an atelier in the heart of Milan’s design district.

After starting her career as a model, her professional and inspirational life began a new phase, which she is still pursuing. Between the end of the ᾽80s and the early ᾽90s, she returns to her passion for sculpture, thus creating her first works, among which «Amici Extraterrestri». In 1993, this artwork wins the first prize at the international art competition Grolla d’Oro in Venice. Many works and initiatives will follow over the years, always strictly consistent with the steps in her personal and social life. They can be seen in details on this site.

In 2005, she graduates in Naturopathy in Brussels, at the same time studying Art and Design and creating an interactive sculpture, the first of its kind. The works of Victor Papanek, who was among the first to approach the theme of social and sustainable design, are a true inspiration for her. Thus, he became another of her reference points through the intense period of studying that, at present, has led her to register several industrial patents. The creation of the multisensorial armchair «Equanimity» comes also from a multidisciplinary applied research; this piece was presented to the public during the Design Week 2019 and its large-scale distribution is now being started. Leila Habiche strongly pursues her inclination to draw while engrossed into people’s life and reality.

Leila Habiche is an artist, a designer, but, more importantly, a person living deeply into her own time’s reality – which constantly stimulates her creativity –, also suggesting solutions that can effectively bring relief and comfort to people. This daily energy is her source of inspiration.